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ODMIT is a market leader in helping students find their right-fit college. At Odmit, we do things differently. We aim to help students make better, well-informed decisions no matter who they are, and where they come from.

As the college planning and admission journey can be complex and confusing. ODMIT is here to help you stay up to date from research & admission to visa and arrival at your dream college and university. To make your study abroad journey a little easier, our global study experts and student mentors will support and guide you through every step of the way to enable you to make better decisions while saving money and time.

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Source international students from India, Canada, Australia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and South African

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Avail Free of charge Counseling and Visa Processing in a single go

Get College and Courses Detail Management in a single click

Get detailed application status and tracking from personalized institute recruiter dashboard

Easy Admission pipeline management where you pay only for confirmed admissions. No upfront payments

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Reduced Institution marketing expenses and 24*7 assistance in a single go

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Odmit service are free of charge

Get expert guidance from in-house counsellors

Talk directly with Institutes admission head

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Get insights into events, student accommodation, student job postings and more.

Manage your documents and deadline thoroughly with the platform

Get help in preparing impressive student application

Get complete and thorough visa guidance and assistance.

Get Pre-departure and On-shore support in the destination country