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Recommended Institutions in Quebec

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Recommended Institutions in Quebec


Popularly known as the “cradle of French Civilization in North America” Quebec is a historical treasure with a remarkable mix of architecture, art and culture. It is also one of the major provinces in Canada that invests graciously in its education sector. Quebec colleges and universities offer the best quality education with a fee structure that is lowest in Canada. To talk of colleges in Quebec, they are quite popular amongst international students owing to their unique education system and degrees. The colleges in Quebec offer around 125 programs under 21 fields of study. As a student, you can choose the program that best suits your career goals while residing in a beautiful and safe region of the world.

International students interested in enrolling in a bachelor’s programme or following-up with a master’s degree have many diverse options in Quebec City. The local universities offer many opportunities for Bachelor’s of Arts in heritage studies, area studies, history, economics or psychology. You can find elaborate undergraduate and their corresponding graduate programmes in environmental studies, biology or food science. Consolidated bachelor’s and master’s study programmes are available for engineering, with majors in civil engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and several other interdisciplinary programmes. For those interested in pursuing a career in IT, they can start with a bachelor’s in computer science or one of the advanced master’s in information studies or computer engineering. The teaching style at Québec City’s universities is mainly focused on establishing critical thinking and research skills.

College National

College National de Science et Technologie (College National of Science and Technology) is a private college located in Montreal, the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec., established in 2019 and recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education. The college provides quality post-secondary education to local and international students; to prepare them for successful careers; to help and nurture them to reach their full potential.

The College is located in the heart of Montreal, a multicultural community, which is considered to be one of the best cities to live in Canada by various national publications. Students will study in a newly renovated campus with high-tech classrooms and services, to provide them with the best learning environment possible. This Institution is very near to small businesses and a lot of South-Asian community people reside by a walking distance. The convenient location is a short metro ride from downtown and offers many opportunities to international students.

IELTS Score Required

IELTS 6 Band

Popular Courses

CoursesDurationExam1st Year Tuition Fee
Master of Project Management1 YearsIELTS8.01 L
Entrepreneurship in Technology2 YearsIELTS
Network Management2 YearsIELTS
Ph.D in Earth Science3 YearsIELTS8.7 L
M.Sc in Applied Microbiology2 YearsIELTS9.7 L
Ph.D Biology3 YearsIELTS8.7 L
M.Sc in Water Science1 YearIELTS9.7 L

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St. Michel College

Located in Montreal, College St-Michel is a private institution which is not subsidized by MEELS. It offers quality, short-term training to adults who wish to resume their studies. The college welcomes those wishing to consolidate their skills or acquire new ones. All the programs are recognized by the Ministere de l’Education et de l’Enseignement Superieur (MEES), students can obtain support from the Quebec Loan Program.

Students can take job-oriented training in finance, information technology, early childhood education, etc. St. Michel College provides a wide choice of schedules according to one’s availability. Students can benefit from training, followed by a guaranteed practical internship.

The college welcomes international students from all over the world, Haiti, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Ivory Coast etc all thanks to its partnership with the Organization Internationale de la Francophonie. St. Michel College team is composed of passionate and qualified teachers who will help international students adapt to their new country (accommodation, welcome at the airport, etc).

IELTS Score Required

IELTS – Overall 6.0 Band With No less Than 5.5 in one Module

Popular Courses

CoursesDurationExam1st Year Tuition Fee
Early Childhood Education Techniques2 YearsIELTS9.01 L
IT Programmer Analyst2 YearsIELTS9.01 L
Accounting Technique2 YearsIELTS9.01 L
Officer Systems Technology2 YearsIELTS9.01 L

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CCSQ (College De Comptabilité Et De Secrétariat Du Quebec) College

Established in 1972, the CCSQ College has been transforming education in Quebec for over 40 years. This college offers performance-intensive professional programs like accounting, secretarial studies, computer support, etc.

It has always produced super talented professionals who meet the requirements and expectations of the professional industry. Once the aspirants get enrolled here for education, then there’s no looking back as far as success is concerned.

CCSQ is a dynamic and stimulating learning environment which facilitates the integration of learning and the development of new life skills within the workplace. It is a forward-thinking and globally-minded institution with a thriving international student population that creates an inclusive and supportive network of languages, cultures, and traditions from all over the world, united by the shared experience of living and studying in one of Canada’s most scenic regions.

IELTS Score Required

IELTS – Overall 6.0 Band With No less Than 5.5 in one Module

 Popular Courses

CoursesDurationExam1st Year tuition Fee
DEP Computing Support17 MonthsIELTS11.12 L
ASP Secretarial Studies (Medical)5 MonthsIELTS7.93 L
DEP Accounting1 YearIELTS7.93 L
DEP Secretarial Studies1 YearsIELTS7.93 L
ASP Secretarial Studies (Legal)5 MonthsIELTS7.93 L
Medical Office Specialist (DEP 5857 plus ASP 5727)18 MonthsIELTS15.86 L
Legal Office Specialist (DEP 5857 plus ASP 5726)18 MonthsIELTS15.86 L

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Trebas Institute Montreal

Trebas Institute is a private, bilingual, post-secondary college. It is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Established in 1979. For over 40 years, we have contributed to Canada’s artistic community by training skilled and versatile professionals in Audio, Film and Television, Business and Technology, Music, Event and Entertainment Management – skills that are in-demand right now. As a private career college, our promise is to teach innovative courses which give students a competitive edge in their chosen industry and we are constantly expanding our program portfolio to match the ever-changing demands of today’s marketplace.

With Trebas Institute, you can be sure to be receiving the most up-to-date curriculum and are therefore ready to thrive in today’s job market. With the combination of expert instructors and state-of-the-art equipment, our students are truly prepared to leave their mark in their chosen field.

At Trebas Institute, we prepare students to become exceptional leaders in their field. Our programs are taught by celebrated instructors and powered by industry experts to ensure you are up to date with the latest industry trends and have an edge in your industry after graduation. With diversity, excellence and innovation at our core, everything we do is tailored to your success.

IELTS Score Required

IELTS 6.5 Band

Popular Courses

CoursesDurationExam1st Year Tuition Fee
Diploma in Audio and Video Post-Production2 YearsIELTS, TOEFL, PTE9.36 L
Diploma in E-commerce and Online Business Management2 YearsIELTS, TOEFL, PTE8.19 L
Fast Track E-Commerce and Online Business Management1 YearIELTS, TOEFL, PTE7.02 L
Diploma in Marketing and Social Media7 MonthsIELTS, TOEFL, PTE5.38 L
Diploma in Film & Television Production and Post-Production1 YearIELTS12.91 L
Diploma in Film & Television Production1 YearIELTS, TOEFL, PTE8.56 L
Diploma in Live Sounds1 YearIELTS, TOEFL, PTE8.02 L
Diploma in Music Business Administration1 YearIELTS, TOEFL, PTE8.02 L
Diploma in Show & Event Management1 YearIELTS, TOEFL, PTE5.36 L
Diploma in Sound Design1 YearIELTS, TOEFL, PTE8.56 L

Top Recruiters

1. Trebas Institute

2. Bell Media


4. Ubisoft Montreal

5. Solotech Inc.

6. CBC/Radio-Canada

7. Long & McQuade Musical Instruments

8. Air Canada

9. Desjardins

10. DNEg

11. Encore Canada

12. MindGeek

13. Mr.X

14. Directors Guild of Canada – Ontario

15. Centre Universitaire de sante McGill

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Multihexa College

Established in the Quebec province of Canada, the Multihexa College has seen 5000 students getting trained efficiently since the year 1986. It has laid a great impact on the students as well as on the outside world by imparting value of team spirit, leadership and quality in the aspirants.

The Multihexa College instills practical exposure for work-oriented skill development in the students and promises high quality course content along with structured lifelong learning experience.

The Supreme group of faculties and teachers ensure industry-oriented teaching strategies to bring out the best from the students. The students get to explore their full potential via programs approved by the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

IELTS Score Required

IELTS 6.5 Bands

Popular Courses

CoursesDurationExam1st Year Tuition Fee
ACS Network Manager2 YearsIELTS6.84 L
ACS Programmer – Analyst2 YearsIELTS6.84 L

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Aviron College

Established in the year 1937, Aviron College is a Quebec-based educational institution which carries a great vision of bringing about dynamic changes in the education system. It aims at introducing advanced training techniques whenever possible.

At Aviron College, the students are prioritized beyond imagination. Technically-intensive study program departments such as welding and fitting, electricity, automobile mechanics and industrial drafting are offered here.

This Montreal-based institute is a highly reputed trade school which caters the needs of more than 600 students every year.

Avalon College

Avalon College is an educational institution based in Quebec. It was established in 1995 with the mission of inspiring students to pursue their dreams, empower them to shape their futures and prepare them for success.

Builded on more than 25 years of experience and success as a provider of high quality adult education and vocational training, Avalon has expanded its curriculum to include a range of corporate programs designed for fostering personal growth, global awareness and employability in a rapidly changing environment. Our expansion includes a new campus in Montreal, a multilingual and multicultural city that is home to highly ranked universities and colleges and innovative companies from around the world. Avalon College is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of the Province of Quebec. Our students are our top priority and we are committed to providing flexible programs that allow them to work while continuing their education. Our international students are eligible for the PPTPD and enjoy an excellent learning environment with faculty and support staff.

CoursesDurationExam1st Year Tuition Fee
Diploma in International Trade Management2 YearsIELTS19.21 L
Diploma in Computerized Financial Management2 YearsIELTS19.21 L
Diploma in Executive Assistant15 MonthsIELTS13.84 L

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LaSalle College Montreal

Founded in the year 1959, LaSalle College began to receive government subsidies by the year 1976 and by the year 1981, it was officially recognized as an educational institution by the Quebec Ministry of Education.

This private college, ever since then, has just seen growth and expansion. Its vast student community, which also consists of international students, makes the overall study environment at the college vibrant and lively.

The infrastructural advancement and on-campus facilities go hand in hand with innovation. Such streamlined execution of teaching techniques and also a comprehensive hands-on learning experience for students makes LaSalle College worthy for aspirants.

 Popular Courses

CoursesDurationExam1st Year Tuition Fee
DEC in Business Management – Creative Industries Management3 YearsTOEFL, IELTS8.56 L
DEC in Accounting and Management Technology3 YearsTOEFL, IELTS8.72 L
DEC in Fashion Marketing3 YearsTOEFL, IELTS10.64 L
DEC in Computer Science Technology – Network and Security Management3 YearsTOEFL, IELTS9.88 L
DEC in Computer science Technology – Video Game Programming3 YearsIELTS, TOEFL9.88 L
Hotel Management Technique DEC3 YearsTOEFL, IELTS9.61 L
Food Service Management DEC3 YearsTOEFL, IELTS10.87 L
DEC in Business Management3 YearsTOEFL, IELTS8.56 L
DEC in Computer Science technology – Programming3 YearsTOEFL, IELTS9.88 L
DEP in Computer Graphics14 MonthsTOEFL, IELTS8.73 L

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Inter-Dec College

Since its founding in 1983, Inter-Dec College has distinguished itself by the quality of the training it offers, the variety of its programs, and the excellence of its student services. In 1989, the College took several steps forward by associating with the LCI Education network. It was then able to offer more than 10 professional orientation options in 4 different fields: Beauty, Interior Design, VFX and Gaming and Digital Arts. The programs offered at Inter-Dec College allow students to gain the professional skills and abilities that are in demand on the job market, and to learn all the latest technologies.


Located in Quebec, a French-speaking province of Canada, the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Iles is a bilingual (French and English) public institution of higher learning with a student population of approximately 3000. The Cegep has 5 campuses:

1. Carleton-sur-Mer Campus

2. Gaspe Campus

3. Îles-de-la-Madeleine Campus

4. Ecole des pêches et de l’aquaculture du Québec (Quebec’s School of Fisheries and Aquaculture) located in Grande-Rivière

5. Montreal Campus

The Cegep’s slogan, “study in a unique natural environment”, was chosen because 4 of its 5 campuses are located in a remote region named Gaspésie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine. It allows students to enjoy an exceptional natural setting. Indeed, according to National Geographic magazine, Gaspésie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine region is one of the top 20 destinations to visit in the world.

Student success is an institutional priority. From day one of their college education, students have access to various academic support measures including personal academic counselling, a guidance service and teacher-student tutoring. A range of adapted services is also available for students with physical, sensory, neurological, or organic impairment; as well as those with learning disorders or mental health problems. These measures have helped our Cegep achieve a first semester success rate of 84.7% compared to the Quebec college average of 81%.

Studying at Cegep de la Gaspésie et des Iles provides students with a high quality education in a personalized learning environment!

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